Ocean Spray

Versatile. Healthy. Delicious. Families across the world continue to discover and enjoy Ocean Spray® cranberries. Grown with care by family farmers, primarily from the U.S. and Canada, Ocean Spray’s cranberries now reach consumers in over 100 countries.

That reach includes China, which has seen rapid growth in consumer interest through the company’s Tmall Global storefront, created in 2015. “Demand has been incredibly high, as consumers love the unique, bold taste of cranberries,” said Peter Wyman, president of Ocean Spray of Canada Ltd. “With trust now established in the Ocean Spray name, and consumer appreciation for cranberries’ inherent health benefits, we believe the sky’s the limit in China for future growth.”

Ocean Spray’s successful approach was to first present cranberries as an ingredient in edible products, familiarizing consumers’ palates with its tart-sweet taste. Once cranberries started turning up as an ingredient in mooncakes – a very traditional Chinese product – the time was right to expand Ocean Spray’s range of product offerings.

“It has been an incredibly effective approach. After reaching consumers through our ingredient strategy, we generated additional passion for cranberries through multiple product offers, such as Craisins, cranberry juice cocktails and cranberry juice drinks,” noted Wyman.

The company’s growth in China and globally would not be possible without the strength of Ocean Spray’s 87-year-old cooperative, which is made up of 700 grower-owner families. More than 100 of those families hail from Canada, with farms in British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick. Each fall, they deliver close to 140 million pounds of cranberries to Ocean Spray.

Canadian farmers have been part of the cooperative since 1958, and will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the cooperative in Canada next year. Ocean Spray also has a sales office in Toronto, two receiving facilities in British Columbia, and a cooperative-owned farm in New Brunswick.