Timeless Skin Care

How does a small brand grow from one employee to 20? Ask Timeless Skin Care, whose business has taken off since it began selling its high-quality, reasonably priced skin care products in China through Taobao Global.

“It was an aha moment to see ourselves on Taobao and think, ‘Wow we really kind of made it internationally,’” said CEO Veronica Pedersen. “We went from one employee to having 20 employees, and it just kind of keeps growing and growing from there.”

Without Taobao Global, the skin care company likely wouldn’t be in China. And the way it found itself on Taobao Global was through Taobao Partner Zhong Jianguo and his company, Zhong Supply.

Zhong, whose company launches small international brands on Taobao, thought Timeless Skin Care’s products would meet high standards and be appealing to Chinese consumers. He approached Timeless and negotiated buying products and shipping them to China to sell on Taobao Global.

He was right, because the products have been a hit in China.

For Pedersen, it was important to find a partner who “got” what her family’s company was all about.

“Our main philosophy is that skin care doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective,” she said. “We found a partner who understood that and how to represent the brand to Chinese consumers… This is a family business. It’s not just a for-profit company.”

Both sides expect the partnership to last for a long time. They trust each other and like working together.

For his part, Zhong said the relationship with Timeless underscores a key point about small businesses selling in China, with Taobao providing a platform that creates both jobs and opportunity on different sides of the world.

“Without Taobao, without Alibaba, the business idea I had would be impossible. So, Alibaba gave us a great opportunity,” Zhong said.