Featured Speakers

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister, Canada

Jack Ma

Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group

Michael Evans

President, Alibaba Group

Michele Romanow

“Dragon” CBC's Dragons' Den | Co-Founder, Clearbanc

Alibaba Group Presenters and Panelists

Sébastien Badault

Managing Director, Alibaba Group France

Souheil Badran

President, Alipay North America

Amee Chande

Managing Director, Global Strategy and Operations, Alibaba Group

Jack Connelly

Purchaser, Tmall Fresh, Alibaba Group

John O'Loghlen

Director, Business Development, Australia & New Zealand, Alibaba Group

Roland Palmer

Managing Director, Netherlands, Alibaba Group

Pier Smulders

Director, Business Development, New Zealand, Alibaba Group

Li Wang

Head of International Markets, Fliggy

Qian Yi

Head, Tmall Global Business Development