Adam Ketcheson

Adam Ketcheson

VP of Marketing and B2C, Arc’teryx Equipment

Adam Ketcheson is Vice President of Marketing and B2C at Arc’teryx Equipment, responsible for consumer experiences across retail, digital, creative and brand marketing.

Adam joined Arc’teryx in 2012 and has been in the outdoor industry for over 20 years gaining broad management experience in Sales and Marketing.  Before joining Arc’teryx, Adam worked for The North Face leading Sales and Marketing for the Canadian Marketplace and then serving as Global Director of Brand Management based in Alameda, California.

The timing of Adam’s appointment at Arc’teryx reflects the brand’s commitment to building a strong platform for direct consumer engagement. Adam’s focus on ecommerce and branded retail will include a heavy emphasis on digital and community experiences.

Today Arc’teryx puts consumer experience at the heart of its business strategy to complement and amplify the leading product experiences that are foundational to the brand. Having one team responsible for all consumer facing experiences, that the brand controls, has allowed Arc’teryx to scale B2C quickly and profitably by consistently leveraging brand touch-points to enable and inspire.

Originally from eastern Canada, Adam has followed his outdoor lifestyle to the west coast. Along with his wife and two daughters, he is based in North Vancouver, allowing him fast and easy access to world class back country skiing, mountain biking and trail running.