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Husayn Remtulla

Founder and CEO, Viva Naturals Inc.

The founder and CEO of Viva Naturals Inc., Husayn Remtulla is a proud Canadian with a strong entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father, a mentor and entrepreneur himself. Husayn started his first business during his freshman year at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He recognized the potential of e-commerce early on, and started out by buying and selling baseball and basketball cards on eBay.

He parlayed this success into founding Viva Naturals, and credits his mother’s love of wellness as the inspiration. The eldest of four, Husayn fondly recalls his mother teaching him how to live a healthy, natural lifestyle. His parents’ influence and his vision for a healthier, more sustainable world led him to start Viva Naturals in 2011 with the mission to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to all.

Husayn is passionate about making the world a better place through wellness, and equally dedicated to making sure the company gives back by helping others. He’s incredibly proud of his team’s work volunteering in their community, as well as donating to local charities and international NGOs.

He often spends time hiking and enjoying nature with his wife and two young children, who remind him every day of why his work at Viva Naturals is so meaningful.